Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Live fearlessly!

God designed us to live fearlessly and yet we are so often held back every day by fear. Mostly when someone says "fear", I think of spiders or heights or those things that you find on people's general lists, but those are not the fears that I'm taking about.
I'm talking about those fears that paralyse you without you even knowing about them. Those fears that stop you from moving forward in life, those fears that limit your potential. Satan can see the potential which God has placed in us from an early age and often he creates situations to scare us and keep us from the exact thing which God is calling us to. For example, the fear of rejection can stop you from loving, caring or giving or the fear of failure can stop you from breaking borders and going places where no one has dared to venture before. 
Often it is quite daunting to think about the things that really scare us. It makes us feel vulnerable and it is easier to just brush them under the carpet and put our "I'm fine" face on. Even though we know that the issue will pop out its head again sometime, we just prefer to ignore it. I guess the problem is that when we start thinking "what do I fear?", the most logical next question would be "why do I fear that?" and this is the hard one to face, because often we need to think back to a situation which was painful and which left many wounds.
When God highlights a fear like this in your life, know that He will create a safe environment in which you can deal with it. He will give you all the support that you need and in the process He will be taking you to new heights of confidence and potential. The problem with fear is that it eats away your confidence and prohibits you from being your true self, because it convinces you that a different you will be better, more acceptable, more perfect, more loved, adored and successful. We then start compromising and adapting to being someone who in our own eyes will be more acceptable, thus focusing so much on being what we are not, that we completely miss out on what we have that is unique.
What will our lives be like if we stop living to meet unhealthy expectations set by ourselves and others and we start accepting ourselves, loving ourselves and focusing on the unique potential which God gave us individually? I'm trusting that the more free we become, the more we will live life with increased joy, peace, love and an abundance of passion!
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  1. Thank you very much for all your encouraging articles. I could relate to what you wrote here. I myself suffer from the fear of rejection, of not being accepted because I don't be very social or cannot hold on a conversation. In short I could be boring at times coz I let the other person talk and not initiate any conversations :)
    But I know my God still loves me and maybe thats what makes me a good listener.
    Thank you Jesus for speaking to me and telling me that know matter what you love me the way I am.

  2. Sure have missed your blog over the past 2 months. Your expressions of your thoughts about faith have been inspiring. Hope all is well.

    1. Thank you for your post! :) I'm doing super well thank you. Had a good growing season with God and He's been teaching me much! So I'm packed with new posts, so watch this space! ;) x

  3. Yeah!!!God design us to live life without any fear.I was also struggling from the fear of being scared of something in which sometimes I couldn't face it, and I think it was just only my imagination.
    But thanks for this blog,and now I already realize that God is more greater than anything !

    I need to conquer my fear..........
    but ofcourse with the help of God and leaded by the holy spirit.


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