Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Fear be gone!

"There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear." I have written about this verse before and quite frankly, I hope that I still write about it many more times. The impact of this verse on our daily lives is just phenomenal!

I want to start by elaborating on fear. We don't just fear. We fear something, a situation, a person or maybe a future possible event. Fear always has a root that stems from something and that something is almost always a lie. Satan is the great liar, the father of all lies. He plants these lies in our minds (thoughts) and when we dwell on these thoughts, they create emotions and then ultimately we start acting and responding out of fear. (actions) The sequence is always the same thought, emotion and action.

He plants these lies to sow doubt and to break down our faith. Fear thus takes root and all kinds of emotion ensue for eg. anxiety, worry, stress, nervousness and the list goes on. So you might be wondering how all this links back to "perfect love casts out fear"?

Well the Bible says that God is love, He is perfect love and when we keep our eyes focused on His love, we will not fear, because the greatness of His love for us is far bigger than any fear. So if you feel anxious, worried or stressed and fear has gotten the better of you, take some time out and identify the lie, because when we worry, we have started believing somewhere deep down that God isn't all that He says He is.

For example if you worry because you don't know how you will pay your bills then the lie might be "why would your God provide for you, how sure are you that He will come through for you?" If we fall for the lie, then we start believing that God is not the great provider that the Bible proclaims Him to be and fear creeps in. So in our minds we think that God is our provider, but in our hearts we worry that He won’t provide. We need to take the lie captive and submit it to the Word so that our mind and heart can be in agreement. The truth is that nothing can separate us from the love of God and the more we believe it, the more we will know His love and the fear will be cast out.

Obtain a greater revelation of His love! Sit in His presence, read the Word, write down verses, look back at testimonies in your life, do whatever you can to try and comprehend even slightly the amount of love that He has for you. If we can just grasp the tip-of-the-iceberg of His love for us, then we will never fear again and no worry or anxiousness will ever hold us back from living life to the fullest! Let love grow and watch fear disappear!

Picture credit: lthomason

Monday, 24 February 2014

Having grace for today

It's so easy to compare our journeys with the journeys of other people, but it's not helpful or encouraging to do that at all. We are all on different journeys with God and by comparing ourselves to others imply that we are not content with our own journey. It takes the focus from our own journey with God and discontent starts to creep in. We start believing that our journey is not as great or exciting as someone else's and we become discouraged.

The truth is that no matter how inspiring or impressive someone else's journey looks, it’s not intended for you and no comparison is needed. God has a plan and a journey for each one of us and it is our responsibility to walk that journey in obedience and contentment. Sometimes the journey will be underground and sometimes it will be for all to see, but believe me when I say that YOUR journey will always be the one that satisfies you the most.

Being inspired or encouraged by someone's journey is amazing and testimonies are there to share, but it does not mean that we can compare ourselves to others. We need to walk a road to reach certain places and we have no idea what others had to endure on their journeys to reach the place where they currently are. I heard a preacher once say: "the grass might look greener on the other side, but it took a lot of manure to get it that green."

God gives us grace to walk our OWN journey and if we start walking someone else's then we will get discouraged, tired and dissatisfied. You might think that some people get through difficult things so easily, but it is because God has given them the grace to cope with the situation. It is not a reflection of their strength, but rather of God's grace and favour. We do not have the grace to walk someone else's journey. When we live life focused on our journeys, we will be ready with the grace and favour of God to tackle anything that comes our way. If you are trying to walk someone else's journey, you will still be walking on your own path, but your head will be turned the wrong way, thus blinding you to what's ahead. Make sure that you focus on your own path therefore being prepared for the potholes and steep hills, but also open to receive all of the blessings and fruit.

Picture credit: Pam Lennard