Thursday, 20 December 2012

Live with vision not discouragment

I am so excited to write this blog today as I feel that the Holy Spirit has really opened my eyes to this truth again this week and I’m so excited to share it with you.
“Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint (or the people are discouraged), but blessed is he who keeps the law.” Proverbs 29:18
Imagine the following: You are traveling through a land and you have special eyes with which you can see far ahead. You can see through mountains and identify where the danger lies and where the fruitful plantations grow. This special vision that you have makes your journey easier as you can see which routes to avoid (desert and danger) and you can see which blessings are on your path (streams and fruitfulness). Even if you choose to climb a mountain, no matter how hard it is, you can see that there are beautiful streams and fruitfulness on the other side.
The Holy Spirit gives us this vision in our daily lives. He enables us to see past the difficult situations (rocky paths and mountains) and reveals the blessings, fruitfulness and gifts which are in store for us. When we keep seeing His vision, we remain in a place of faith, peace, joy and encouragement instead of a space of discouragement.
So often in life worries, fears, lies and anxieties wrap themselves around our heads blurring our vision and we become short-sighted. We lose the bigger picture. We stare into the rocky ground, the mountains and deserts and we become discouraged as we focus on the problems. We become tired of our challenges, anxious, lost, lonely and fearful.
Do not lose your vision as you will become discouraged. You might ask: ”how do I then remove the cloud around my head and regain my vision?”. The verse above says: “blessed is he who keeps the law”. We don’t follow the law of the Old Testament anymore, but the law that is written on our hearts of which loving God and loving our neighbour are the most important elements. When we follow these, we will be blessed.
We remove the cloud by fixing our gaze on God, His love and who He is, instead of the situations we face and where we find ourselves on the road. We focus on the promise and not on the problem and this will enable us to see into the future and give us hope. When we know who He is, the mountain becomes a heap of stones and the journey becomes a joy, because nothing is impossible for God. We were made to be a people with great wisdom, vision and perspective in order to also encourage and lead others to a place of vision and freedom.
So today, stop starring at your feet, leave the pity party, be encouraged and lift your gaze to heaven. Find yourself in His unending love and faithfulness. Get His vision and perspective, see the future and start walking towards it.  
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  1. I have experienced this wonderful truth of looking up and trusting God this past week. Praise to God who is never changing and always faithful!

  2. We have been on the mission field for nearly 3 years now and over the last year it has been so heartbreaking, and wearing. I feel I have lost our vision as it got clouded with occult (from within the church we are serving in), discouragement, a sense that the battle we are fighting is gaining over us. Our vision has been shrunk as I have listened to satan's voice of discouragement and ended up "staring into the rocky ground" as you so well put it. I have lost sight of the bigger picture. Thank you for writing what you did. It has helped me, starting today to start lifting my eyes to the mountains and away from the rocky ground! Keeping His law is a good reminder to me to get back to the basics of God and who He is. His law is the expression of His character and He never changes. Thank you for being His voice to me today, through our present fog. Keep writing. Susanne x

    1. Hi Suzanne, when i read your comment last week, i just burst out praying for you! God has got you on His heart and He's got plans for you! Be so blessed! :) x


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